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Pay Per Click

What is Pay-per-click (PPC) ?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, this means you must pay if the user clicks your advertisement. This is a quick and easy way to get instant traffic to your website and you can make some profit.However, this is not a cheap option and needs a good marketing budget and careful planning.

How to start a Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign

To start a campaign, you need a website. If you already have a working website, then you must open an account with google or Facebook. Once you have created the account then you can create an advertisement.

This sounds very easy, but it takes time and energy. Without any technical knowledge you will end up with a huge advertisement bill. We can setup a campaign which will target only the right audience and the right platform for a small fee.

Cost to run a PPC Google advertisement campaign?

There is no lower limit for Google advertisements, but you will need a decent amount to cover a local area. Google charges you money for each user click, no matter if the user bought anything or not. Generally, every keyword has a price, which depends on the competition of that keyword. If too many people want to advertise their business for the same keyword, then the price of that keyword will automatically go up.

Organic search results are FREE and you only need to invest a small amount on Search engine optimisation. In some cases, a mix of both strategies can generate some really good business.

Cost to run a Pay-per-click Facebook advertisement campaign?

Facebook is slightly different to Google. These Facebook adds can generate good business; but there is always a danger of negative reviews from Facebook users. In summary you need a mixed advertisement strategy for your business, a mix of Google, Facebook and Search Engine Optimisation will generate the most business.

It is all about trial and error for each business. Try everything and see what works for your business. If you want us to do it for you, then please contact us.

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NaGGra PPC Services

NaGGra offer PPC services to UK customers. We only charge a small fee to maintain and advertise your business. You can get our expertise for a small amount and you will not waste money advertising your business to the wrong target audience.

Contact us for Pay-per-click services enquiries

We work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and generally we are quick to reply to all your enquiries. The best way is to send us an email and we will reply to you ASAP. We can also arrange a Face to Face meeting or phone call to discuss your PPC campaign. Click on the link to see our PPC pricing.

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