Google penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

If you are searching this topic, that means you want to learn about google penalty recovery or your website has been hit by a Google penalty. Google does this in two ways. The first is a manual penalty and the second is an algorithm penalty. After the Google penalty is applied you will see a sudden drop in web traffic or your website will totally disappear from Google Search results.

Why did I get a Google penalty?

There are several reasons for a Google penalty. One of the key reasons is you were looking for  a quick ranking within google search results. Keep in mind to get long term ranking you must use white hat SEO techniques. Buying or selling web links, duplicate content or hiring a black hat SEO agency will result in a google Penalty.

How to recover from Google Penalty?

It is possible to recover from a Google penalty, however it will takes time. In some cases, we have seen people just rebrand their company to avoid google penalties. The problem is if you carry on with the same SEO practices again, google will hit you again. The best policy is to use white hat SEO techniques and you do not have to worry about google penalties again.

Why NaGGra DMA to fix your Website?

Right from day one, since we started our agency, we only implement White hat SEO techniques. It is a slow process, but we believe this is the only safest way to build your brand.

Contact us for Google penalty recovery

Our agency can help you with the recovery process. keep in mind this is a slow process and it takes time to recover from it. If you have question, please contact us and we can guide you in the right direction.

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