NaGGra Business Partnership page

Our Business Partnership Programs

NaGGra D.M.A offers numerous opportunities and we have a partnership program. Just email us your profile and if we are interested we will contact you straight away. Please do not send us dozens of emails because that wastes our time and we believe time is money.

We also offer contract work depending on your skills. Keep in mind these contracts are not permanent jobs and we only offer these to good candidates.

Agency to Agency or B2B work 

We also accept enquiries from other marketing agencies based in the UK and other countries looking for contract work. We also have a special partnership program just for marketing agencies who are looking to sub contract their work to reduce their costing.

Advice for Freelancers 

If you want to work with our agency, please send us your profile. But please do not send us dozens of emails. If we are interested and we have requirement, we will contact you straight away. We are always looking for the right talent.

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