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Frequently Asked Questions ( FQA )

Below you will find answers to some of the frequent asked questions (FAQ) people ask us. If you have some further questions, please email or call us and we will answer these ASAP.

How to contact us?

We work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. You can email us, Call us or you can book a Face to face appointment with us.

How much it cost to run a marketing campaign?

This all depends on your business location and the coverage area. For example, for a city like Leicester you can start a Marketing campaign from £199 a month.

Why do you call yourself different?

There are hundreds of agencies and everybody calls themselves different. We call ourselves different because nobody can offer “NO Ranking NO fees” Policy. That means you only pay when you see results. Contact us and we can explain you our offer in detail.

How much discount do you offer for startups?

We offer a very unique service to start-ups, we do all the work and the clients pay us only when the business starts generating sales. Send us your business plan and we will explain all the details to you.

Types of payment methods?

Bank Transfer, Cheque and Cash only. We can provide our bank details once you have accepted our offer.

Can we meet face to face?

Yes, we also like face to face interaction. If you are based near Leicester, then we can meet the same day. For clients based in bigger cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and others, we have certain days when we visit these cities. If you are interested, get in touch and we can arrange a Face to Face meeting.

If you are a Skype or a FaceTime user, we suggest a video chat. Video chat saves times for everyone and we can quickly start working on your project after the discussion.

How much time does it take to get Google page one ranking?

Nobody can guarantee Google page ranking. If all things are done properly, then you should get results in between 8 to 12 weeks. However, we offer “NO ranking no Fees” so you only pay us when you see the results. It is a WIN-WIN situation for you.

Can I stop Search engine optimisation after some time?

“NO” You can only stop if you gained enough technical knowledge and you can do it yourself. Once stopped your ranking will drop slowly because other people or businesses are also working to get the same position. Google has a limited space and it will only offer the top space to up to date businesses.

Which Marketing plan is better for my business?

It depends on your profession and business. Send us your requirements and we will help you to find the best marketing plan for your business.

Do you take bitcoins?

Sorry, we do not accept bitcoins or any other virtual currency. We follow the law of the land and only deal with British Pounds, US dollars and Indian Rupees.

I live hundreds of miles away from your office, so how we can work together?

When the distance does not allow, technology allows people to work together. If you are a Skype or FaceTime user, then we can arrange a Face to Face chat anytime.

Other Agencies are offering me cheaper options

We believe no digital agency can challenge us in terms of Price and quality work. If you still believe somebody is offering you a better price, we will try to beat that quote. If not, then you should go with them. Remember we offer “No ranking NO fees” Policy, you only pay when you see results, No upfront cost.

How to get SEO score for my website?

Just send us your website URL and we will send you a FREE SEO report.

Can you research my competitors business?

Yes, just contact us.

Why is the cost of Local SEO more for bigger cities?

Google search results only show a few organic rankings. To get that place you need a reliable website and content. Bigger cities have huge numbers of businesses or professionals fighting for that space. We have to work more on your website to get that place.

I am agency, can we work together?

Yes, we welcome all partnership offers from genuine agencies and companies. Just email us.

 I am a technical person and i just need some advice on marketing

Yes, we can provide you all the guidelines and we can also arrange marketing training if required.

Startups program

We only offer our startups program if your business plan is good and there is potential. We also reserve the right to cancel our offer at anything. Please speak with us for full details.

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