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We all have smart phones and we use mobile apps daily. When we use these apps, we never think of the people or app developers who made these apps. The only thing in which you are interested in is the functionality as an end user.

But the game totally changes when you want to build a mobile application for your project or business. Only two platforms are popular, the first is IOS and second is Android; no one is interested in Microsoft windows mobile apps. Both use different technologies, and both need app developers to build the mobile apps.

Cost of building a Mobile App

Mobile apps are expensive to build and always need some technical help to manage the apps. There is no fixed price because every app is different. Prices start from a few thousand and can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds. Send us your idea and we can offer you the exact price and the timelines for your app development.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps are a new technology which convert your website into a mobile application. This is a good option for those who do not want to spend thousands of pounds on IOS or Android apps. This technology gives them quick access to mobile application functionality.

Customers can directly download your PWA on their devices and the same app will work on both Android and Apple phones. You do not have to make two versions of your application. This technology is still in development, but we believe this is a really good solution for small and medium sized businesses to enter the app world.

NaGGra Mobile Apps Developers

We have app developers in our team who have years of experience in building apps. Contact us today and we can discuss the ideas and the cost of building such apps.

We work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and generally we are quick to reply to all your enquiries. The best way is to send us an email and we will reply to you ASAP. We can also arrange a Face to Face meeting or phone call to discuss your mobile application requirements.

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