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On-Site SEO or On-Page SEO

If you are interested in Search engine optimisation. Then you will come across these terms; on-Site SEO or On-page SEO. Technical SEO can be divided into two parts the first is is On-Site SEO and second is Off-site SEO. On Site SEO is a technique when you optimise your website. Examples are optimising Images, CSS, HTML, javascript, Titles, descriptions, keywords, page Speed and improving mobile responsiveness.

How to start On-site SEO?

There are several ways to learn On-Page SEO. We recommend the first thing you should do is to learn some basic Search engine optimisation. Without any basic knowledge, there is a chance that you might start using Black Hat SEO techniques. Instead of improving ranking, you will end up with a Google penalty.

Search Google for “On-Site SEO” and you will find some interesting tutorials. Keep in mind before using any technique, make sure that it is safe. Double check every tutorial, do not just blindly started implementing any tutorial.

If you are interested, we can make a bespoke SEO tutorial just for you. Contact our team and we can guide you the right direction.

NaGGra DMA for On-site SEO

The easiest way to improve your website ranking is to Hire a reputed SEO Agency Like Us. NaGGra D.M.A can make a SEO plan just for your company. We only use White Hat SEO techniques, which is the only correct way for On Page SEO. Contact us and we will guide you in the right direction.

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