What is DIY SEO?

As you know DIY stands for Do It Yourself and SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. People in the UK love DIY and try to learn new techniques. In some cases, it is perfectly ok to use this process. However, if you have little or no technical knowledge, then DIY SEO is not good for your business.

How to Learn DIY SEO techniques

There is so much material available online. Just Google “SEO tutorials” and you will find hundreds of websites. Some are good, but most of the Free material is rubbish. Most people end up learning Black Hat SEO techniques because it gives quick results. Before you start this journey, we will advise you to first evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are a technical person, then you can learn SEO techniques. Our agency can help you with SEO training, speak with us and we can guide you in the right direction. We can also make a SEO package in which we will train you on your own website. Basically you will lear and optimise at the same time.

Why DIY SEO is not good for professionals?

DIY SEO is time consuming work and if you are a professional or a trader, it will be very difficult to manage both activities. When you are not busy, it’s perfectly ok to optimise your own website. But what will happen when you are busy with clients? SEO is not a onetime process, it is a continuous process. You must keep improving your website. Our advice is hire a professional SEO agency and grow your business.

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