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What is Black Hat SEO?

When you use short cuts to optimise your business for search engine, then that technique comes under Black Hat SEO. For example, you bought hundreds of backlinks from a website. Google has its own guidelines and if you violate any, you will get a Google penalty.

Are you trying to recover from Google penalty?

Most people who hired Black Hat SEO agencies or used such techniques will end up with Google Penalties. Google is a free search engine and it expects websites to follow its guidelines. The problem is people want quick results and they try to use these techniques. Our advice for long term ranking, please always use a White hat SEO agency like us or hire someone like us.

Stay away from Black hat SEO techniques

Never hire any black hat SEO agency who promises quick google ranking. The only formula to get good ranking in search results is through white Hat SEO techniques. You will have to follow all the Google guidelines and stay away from dangerous SEO techniques. White hat SEO is time consuming and it will give you a long term Google ranking.

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No other SEO agency in the UK can offer you “NO ranking No Fees” with money back guarantee. Cheap is not always good, consider everything before making any decision.

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