SEO for Estate Agents

SEO for Estate Agents

SEO for Estate Agents

Do you really need a SEO Agency for your estate agent business?

According to an article in “The Guardian” the UK house prices and real estate prices are growing rapidly especially in the north of England and Midlands. This definitely increased the business and profit for the estate agents, however this also increases the competition in the estate agent business.

Traditional High street estate agents are disappearing and a new type called “Hybrid Estate Agents” are becoming more popular. There are also some online estate agents such as Purple bricks, who are also giving tough competition. Customers nowadays do not directly walk into the office and buy property or houses. They like to search on the Web first and try to find an estate agent suitable for their needs. So the answer is YES, you need a local SEO Agency or a Digital marketing agency.

How they will find you?

These days, everybody like to search things and services on the Google Search Engine. Same rules apply on the estate agents as well. So it is very important for you to be on top of Google search results.

How this is possible? The answer is Search engine optimisation (SEO).

The SEO increases the ranking of your website which in turn brings your website on top of Google search results. This gives you an edge on other competitors and brings you new business.

Important Keywords for Estate Agents

The most important keyword for any Estate Agents is “Estate Agents ________” . The last keyword is your location. For example; An estate agent in Leicester, should optimise their website for “Estate Agents Leicester”.

The Estate agent business is an over crowded market. Just search for estate agents and you will get hundreds of results. If you want to see you on the first page, then you have you use a unique strategy and a Local SEO agency.

What do you need to generate more business ?

We always suggest our clients, every business needs three things, Time, energy and investment. Without these three important ingredients you won’t be able to defeat your competitors.

Why Time is important for estate agents: Digital Marketing is a time consuming business. You need to invest time to generate new business.

Why Energy is important for estate agents: Every business needs people who are energetic and specially in this business. Customers like to see estate agents who can deliver them good services.

Why Investment is important for estate agents: Like any other business, you need quality staff members or agencies working for your business and to hire such staff you need to spend money to get quality staff. In short “Money attract Money”. On top you also need money to invest in digital marketing and advertisement.

If you are an estate agent and want to grow in a competitive environment then contact us today.

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