childminders or Childcare nurseries

Childcare Nurseries or Childminders

Real life Comparison between Childcare Nurseries & Childminders

Every parents want to send their love ones to secure, safe and best local nurseries or a childminders. When I was looking for an option to send my own child to a local nursery, I was really confused with the options. Like a normal parent, I started searching for local nurseries and childminders near my location. I found few nurseries and childminders. I called few of them and arrange a visit to check their facilities.

Cheaper Childminders

You will find hundreds of local childminders in UK.  In our case we decided to try them because they were bit cheaper than the professional nurseries.

I called a local childminder and arranged a visit. First impression was good, house was clean and the lady was nice. Her childcare fees was also very reasonable. So we decided to send my child to her house.

The first day, when I dropped my child to her house, I noticed that the women is looking after too many kids, from 6 months to 7/8 years. On top she was also doing the school runs. When I dropped my child a young girl was looking after these kids and the lady was on the school run. I was in a shock and I was not expecting this. Still we decided to send my child to her, however week later we decided that we cannot do this to save few pounds. Honestly that was my biggest mistake and I still regret my decision.

Most childminder operate from home and majority of them are overcrowded. Just use common sense, how many kids can play together in a small living room or a conservatory. After that we decided to try some other childminders and believe me they were even worst. Moral of the story you get what you pay for.

Professional Day Childcare Nurseries

After our bad experience with childminders, we decided to try a Local childcare nurseries in Leicester. These nurseries are slightly expensive than childminders, however you child gets a professional treatment. The biggest benefit is your child play and spend time in large rooms, specially designed for them and in his/her age group. All professional nurseries have separate rooms for baby, toddlers, pre-school kids and older kids. They also follow strict government guidelines and hire professional staff.

When I was using  a childminder, pickup and drop-off was a challenge. Good news is most nursery have good parking spaces and you don’t have to fight with your childminders neighbours.

Best Local Childcare Nursery

Not all nurseries are great, to find the right one for your child takes times. One such good childcare nursery is Play Days Academy in Leicester. I love their location, surrounded by fields and farm animals.  There location is ideal for people living in Glen Parva, Wigston, Blaby or South Leicester. Give them a call, arrange a visit and see the difference. I promise you would not be disappointed with the results.

If you are looking for a professional Childcare provider in your city, we have listed all the top Local childcare nurseries in UK. Please make your own checks before making any decision.

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